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Branding the Church

Latoya Burris

Last year I met with some ladies from my church, Cambria Heights Gospel Chapel (CHGC) to discuss branding the church. These women are responsible for a lot of the church's communication from different departments including ministries, auxiliary groups and senior body members like elders and deacons. They create the church's brochures, flyers and other print collateral in-house which is then distributed to body members and the local community.

After explaining the design process and writing a creative brief. We decided to move forward - starting with a logo. CHGC never had a logo and currently uses many different fonts and styles as a means to identify the church. Obviously that does not work because it lacks a cohesive representation which can also lead to noisy information.

So I'm going to share with you some proposed ideas and sketches. Stay tuned for more updates on this project.


Concept: Cambria Heights Gospel Chapel (CHGC) is committed to evangelizing and teaching the word of God. I wanted to highlight "Cambria" the community and "Gospel" (good news) since that is very important aspects of CHGC.