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Say No To Spec Work


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Say No To Spec Work

Latoya Burris

So I absolutely love this really creative video that Zulu Aloha Kilo agency put together on spec work.

If you are not familiar with spec work, here’s the breakdown. Spec work is when a potential customer approaches you about a project that they need help with. He or she expects you to do all of the research and design, in addition to coming up with strategies and ideas as to how their project can be successful. The catch is that they are also prodding other suppliers to do the same thing, giving the customer multiple options to choose from before officially hiring a designer or creative professional.

In my opinion, this is just criminal, and as you’ll see in the video, Zulu Aloha Kilo agency feels the same way. The video provides further insight and explanation on why spec work is a disrespectful and ridiculous business practice to creative and other industry professionals. 

Why should any professional take the time out to do hard work and then not even gain the new business or compensation? No one likes an IOU that you can't cash.

I hope that this video shines light on this form of business practice and reiterates the fact that it is unprofessional.

If you are ever in a bind and need design help, you don’t have to look at other suppliers. Trust me to do the work and seriously invest your money and time in the service that you're seeking. Check out the video and share your thoughts!