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 When Ideas Don’t Make It to the Finish Line


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When Ideas Don’t Make It to the Finish Line

Latoya Burris

It was a great idea.

A while back I was inspired to work with a community-based development not-for-profit organization. They received press coverage about their fundraising initiative to raise capital to build a restaurant/organic grocery. It was interesting to me because if this project made it to the building stage it would totally change the face of my community. 

So I jumped at a chance to help make this idea happen. We created a booklet to send to investors and supporters to assist in raising the capital to purchase the empty lot. We also began to work on a high-end brochure that would be used to educate and gain new investors.

Unfortunately, the project was placed on backburner because the organization had other projects that were more important. After some time the project never moved forward. Although this organization and I successfully created many collateral items together; this last project never made it to the finish line.

Sometimes designers get involved with a project that is truly inspiring or motivating. However, be aware that not all projects reach the final phase. That can be a bummer but on the plus side you gain experience and you may even end up with a project that can be repurposed for another client one day. So cheers to those projects that don’t finish the race.