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Choose The Client Over Your Ego


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Choose The Client Over Your Ego

Latoya Burris

Yes, it's true that clients don't love every solution and guess what? That is okay. Every now again you work with a client who challenges your design decisions. I recently worked with a leather goods designer who launched an innovative garment and duffel bag for men.

I was hired by his publicist to create a press kit for them to help promote the product. I jumped at this opportunity because I was interested in working on the product launch. Soon after, I drafted two composites based on the images and other references.

When I was done, I totally fell in love with my second layout. I felt it was more balanced. However, the client opted for the first composite. I was apprehensive at first and disappointed because I wanted the client to choose the composite that I preferred. However their was much logic behind the decision. The client had more details to add to the press kit which needed to fit in a single page design. The first composite worked in favor of these revisions sent by the client. Plus, these changes were absolutely necessary for his business.

Long Story Short

This client was also a designer and his clarity on his business helped me to make a sound press kit. I'm so happy I didn't fight the client and went along with his direction because he was spot on. Have you ever worked with a client who challenged you and it allowed you the come up with the best solution? If yes, please share your story with me.