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How Do We Work?

Latoya Burris


Like most projects there is a method to the madness. Actually, the best process usually receives the best results. With that being said allow me to list how we start and finish creative design projects, in these 3 simple steps listed below:


After receipt of a design request (online survey), we evaluate the request and send a creative brief which includes the work that will be done, a design schedule, an estimate, and terms of the work agreement. After the client signs and returns the terms of agreement (contract), thereafter the client receives an invoice for an initial deposit.*


Before we start sketching, or building prototypes. We like to do thorough research which explores the problem and helps me to define the best solution and strategy. After, we finish the necessary research and exploration then we produce three (3) composite mock ups or a prototype for a website design.


After receipt of composite mock ups, the client must choose one design solution. If the project is a web design project then the client receives the prototype and we work to make any changes or revisions. Clients are allowed up to three (3) complimentary changes during the mock up phase. After, three (3) changes clients are subject to additional fees. Once revisions and final art are approved clients will receive the final art files and other contractual deliverables.

Now that you know how I work. Why don't we get started? Click the button to your right to make a design request.

*Initial deposits are non-refundable on all completed or cancelled design projects. Deposits are not required for projects under $50 value.