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A Colossal Obsession

Latoya Burris

© 2015 Colossal Media/Netflix

© 2015 Colossal Media/Netflix

Ever since college I've been pretty much obsessed over the design agency and outdoor advertising giant Colossal Media. The good folks at Colossal are a team of think tank giants that put the "E" in experience. As stated on there website, Colossal believes that:

"… artists still matter, that a crew of wall dogs painting 60 feet above the sidewalk will always be more interesting than printing onto a piece of plastic. This passion and painstaking attention to detail has earned the trust of today’s most reputable media agencies, brands, artists and cultural organizations. By giving clients a stage from which to tell their stories, we provide compelling reasons to LOOK UP in this age of looking down."
© 2015 Colossal Media/YouTube

© 2015 Colossal Media/YouTube

I for one can't argue with that. I played in paint a bit in the early stages of studying studio fine art but I put the medium away once I got into communication design. Alas, I envy these guys who make great stories for brands with some paint and a brush.