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5 Creative Pinners for Inspiration

Latoya Burris

Pinterest isn't just for the craft wizard and the super DIY-selfer. Actually, you can find business advice and a lot of inspiration from people who share similar interests. I went ahead and selected some pinners that I think you should definitely follow and listed their areas of expertise. Check them out on Pinterest and don't forget to tell me what you think.

Joy Cho/Oh Joy

Joy Cho is a blogger, visual designer and food enthusiast. She has published Creative, Inc. which teaches all types of creatives how to build a successful business and most recently she released a new book, Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy. If you're looking for inspiration you will definitely find it with Joy.

Jessica Hische

This woman, really gets my creative juices going. A self-proclaim "procrastiworker," Jessica is a letterer and illustrator with awesome projects under belt. Her Pinterest boards not only offers fun typography but also design books, home design, travel and much more.

Matt Potter

Pinterest isn't just for the ladies, Matt Potter pins too! Check out his account if you want to go go crazy for logos, experience what he calls an Infogasm or a Retro Revival.

Lauren Hooker/Elle & Company

This lady is the graphic designer, blogger and entrepreneur behind the design company, Elle & Company. If you're a small business looking for some great advice check out her boards for blogging and business, tips or tools and personal inspiration.

Shauna Haider

I personally follow Shauna aka Nubby Twiglet from her awesome blog. She has been an inspiration for me for many years as a creative and somewhat of a online mentor. She is the Creative Director at We Are Branch and a designer, blogger and entrepreneur. I'm definitely sure that I'm saving the best for last here. Check out her boards if you're big on travel, graphic design, inspiring people and much more.