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We Updated Our Site


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We Updated Our Site

Latoya Burris

This month we have been working very hard to make our site more intuitive and as informative as possible not only for clients but also for fellow creatives. So without further delay, please see what’s new on Toya Design Co.

There’s no place like home.

Our homepage is the link titled Work. We really like how the page is currently designed but felt like some elements needed to be toned down, so we changed how we displayed the description of our latest projects.


Making an about turn in the right direction

The about page was sort of blah and didn’t really describe what we are all about. It also lacked insight into the integral members of our team. To make it better we added a description to truly inform our visitors about the company and what we do on a daily basis for our clients. We also updated and added bios for our team.

In addition, we decided to provide another way to get to the contact page or our services page which is designed to help clients who may not be sure on where they need to start.

A New Blog Feature

The blog also needed some TLC, readers now can quickly filter post by category. Whew, talk about making it much easier to find what you want. We truly believe with this change our followers can navigate the blog much easier.

Improving Our Call To Action

Finally, we put a fresh spin on the contact page which is one of our most important pages. Here is where we want visitors to go ahead and take action by contacting us or getting more information. The first item we revised was our design process. Then we condensed the Frequently Asked Questions into this dynamic dropdown display which saved a lot of space and made the page less text heavy.

Overall, we’re really excited about these changes and we would love to get some feedback. We are hoping that these improvements will provide visitors with the information they need and of course generate more leads. Do you think the site is better? Tell us what you would do.