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Upclose with Laolu Senbajo


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Upclose with Laolu Senbajo

Latoya Burris

99U’s Jacqueline Lara interviews Nigerian artist Laolu Senbajo to discuss issues that many artists face such as "who determines what your career path will be – you or your parents?"

If you're not familiar with Senbajo's work, he is the creator of an artistic style known as Afromysterics,  and has done creative work for Beyoncé and Nike. In this interview he describes his journey to fight African cultural traditions in order to pursue his artistic career, how he developed his craft and his relationship with his parents. To see the original post by 99U click on the source link below.

Watch Laolu performing the Sacred Art of the Ori (Yoruba Body Art and Painting) at Canvas, in New York, NY. Timelapse by Meekael DeBradley. The Sacred Art of the Ori is a intimate Yoruba artistic ceremony between the artist Laolu Senbanjo (the creator) and his muse.