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TechDay is Startup Heaven

Latoya Burris

It’s official, TechDay is the largest startup event in the US. If you want to see robots that spin beverages around and models in bikinis promoting something about Hawaii then go to TechDay. But that’s not what makes TechDay impressive, it’s the opportunity to engage with tech giants like General Assembly, Uber, WeWork, Blue Apron all in one large arena – Pier 64. The idea of organizing a NYC celebration of local startups was founded by Alec Harman and Jesse Podell about 5 years ago. The purpose of the event was to provide an easy way for everyone to share ideas, find talent and show off their projects.

In 2014, Business Insider reported that more than 450 startup exhibitors attended, about 1,000 career opportunities represented, more than 10,000 attendees, and over $20 billion in capital represented (not including investors). Lucky for me, I was invited to TechDay by my client, Upicnic. While visiting them, I got see how our design solution turned out for their booth.

I also visited Just Works, a human resource company that makes it easy for small businesses to stay in compliance with government laws and handle payroll, and a plus-size style concierge and subscription service, known as PLVSH.

In short, TechDay was a great experience because I learned a lot about the opportunities that it can provide such as networking, job openings, exposure for your business and the ability to meet investors. Next year, I plan to attend again and will not look like  a dork when someone asks for a business card. If you attended TechDay this year, please share your experience with me. I would love to hear how it has made an impact on your career or business.