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Black Lives Don’t Matter

Latoya Burris

If you have not noticed, we have been under attack since the first foreigner landed on the continent of our motherland – Africa. In “Black Lives Matter: A Fairy Tale,” Joel Leon writes:

“Black lives do not matter. This is a fairy tale, the idea that our existence means something to those that exist outside of us, our own selves; an imaginary dream we are dreaming in 2016. Black lives have never mattered. Neither have brown ones. Not in 1614, 1822, 1964… or now. Someone else will die.”

He goes on to say that he is tired of writing about dead black bodies, broken families, oppression, violence, and injustice. I am also tired of seeing this war on black people which has gone on since before we landed in America. I’m thinking to myself what can I do to help my people?  Writer, filmmaker and entrepreneur Issa Rae quickly raised 300K for the family of the deceased and murdered, Alton Sterling. Raising money for a cause is one way but how else can I make a difference for my people?  So after discussing this with my mom and friends and even further thought and meditation. I realize it’s about sharing the knowledge I have with those who are ignorant and also about spending my money with my people and helping to empower our communities.

It hurts too but I have to agree with Joel Leon, in the fact that Black Lives DON’T Matter. The truth is dead black bodies are now viral and meaningless. To read the full article, click here.

Be safe out here because we’re at war.