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Stop Working For Friends and Family named Freebie.

Abby Estwick

Small business owners are often eager to solicit business. The impatience to realize a return of investment, be it for start up costs or marketing campaigns, has led many toward the downward spiral of habitual freebies.

Friends and family will often offer to support you with the implied stipulation that you discount your pricing. In haste and enthusiasm, you may commit to the deal despite knowing that your services are worth far more than the price being paid. Even worse, you may actually underpay yourself, which will lead to debt before profit.

Here is the honest truth.

Often the greatest supporters of small businesses (friends and family) are also the greatest abusers. It's not intentional; most family members are not in a position to afford your services or may not even need them. They may be merely patronizing you for the sake of fulfilling obligatory duties that are bound to shared DNA. All that being considered, it may be best to have friends and family make a donation instead of a payment. With the inclusion of social media, who isn't a friend? Where do the discounts and freebies end and the fee structure you mulled over before launch begin?

Here is the bottom line.

New habits become old habits. Don't fall into the trap of reducing fees. It's a hard ditch to dig yourself out of.