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This Is How We Redesigned Our Homepage For Higher Conversions.

Latoya Burris


We’re still waiting for the results. Just like we waited for President Trump to share his tax returns, but unlike him, we promise to share our data.

In the past month, according to Squarespace we experienced a 466% increase in unique visits, 700% increase in general visits and a 1,100% increase in page views. That is great but we think we can do better. In this data-driven age, where the adage “Knowledge is Power” dominates. Our goal this year was to improve our site and the experience for our users through analyzing the performance of our site.

To further work on that initiative. We decided to create a landing page for our second most popular content – Raven Maven. Plus, modify both the about and the service pages with additional email opt-ins. Which means more leads and new business opportunities.

What is a homepage?

A homepage is the first landing page seen by new and returning visitors.  Its primary function is to provide access to your most valued content. Our previous homepage didn’t do that so well. It relied heavily on our top and bottom navigation and only led our viewers to our portfolio page. This definitely wasn’t going to work for us since we needed new visitors to get a general idea of our company and services. In addition, we wanted our visitors to do two things: see new content and access it quickly.



We determined based on our analytics to feature our most popular content in the redesign and reposition our least popular content. This will allow us to determine whether the least visited page is due to a lack of interest or because it was difficult to access. We will know the answer to this question when we revisit our analytics next month. But for now, the items we decided to put in the forefront was our latest projects, the Raven Maven show, information about our company and services, our blog, and of course email opt-in to our monthly newsletter.

Now for the good stuff, based on our own research. We have determined that high converting landing page needs to have the following:

  • Eye-Catching Headlines

  • Cohesive Images That Tell A Story

  • Scannable Benefits

  • Call to action

  • Excellent Descriptions or Great Copy

  • Testimonials - Real People Who Stand By Your Brand

  • Trustworthy Elements Like Third-party Verifications

The execution of the redesign was based on our current analytics. A lot of the time, clients base decisions on personal preferences like what color they like or anecdotes. However, that is not the way to run a business. If you want results, then you should always identify the problem and create a measurable solution. This will allow you to determine if the said solution worked or if you need to revisit.

In short, we are not done with our redesign but we’re totally excited about the new direction. We can’t wait to share our results with you. Check in with us for another update and tell us how you plan to improve your own website.