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5 Creative Black Women That Inspire

Latoya Burris


This month is Women’s History month and we all celebrated women around the globe on March 8th. So in that spirit, we wanted to highlight five creative Black women that inspire and shake things up on a higher lever. Check out our list of Queens that are dropping #BlackGirlMagic all over the globe.


Ortega Uwagba

As a writer, background consultant, and someone with experience in media and advertising at Vice and AMV BBDO, Ortega is a woman who inspires and motivates other creative women. As the founder of Women Who, which is a London-based community for creative working women, Ortega is providing women with tools and outlets to reach their creative peaks through events, networking and other methods. To learn more about Ortega and/or Women Who, click here.

Shani Crowe

Shani Crowe is an interdisciplinary artist from Chicago whose work is focused on beauty rituals and culture related to the African diaspora and how these practices foster community. What makes her special is she cares about the preservation of African-influenced beauty rituals and how they impact the lives of women of African descent all over the diaspora. Her work reflects that Black hair and its styles are symbols of confidence, pride and unity.

Recho Omondi

Founder and creator of the luxury brand, Omondi, Recho began her career in sales by working for Barneys New York. From there she moved into designing as a freelancer for brands like Calvin Klein, Suno and Theory. After 10 years in the fashion industry, Omondi was born in 2014 after Recho crafted patterns in her Brooklyn department that were true to her personality and vision. What Recho has successfully achieved is the ability to bring a fresh and transcultural brand that reflects her African heritage and Western American experience and culture. She is special because she doesn’t stress herself out preparing her brand in time for Fashion Week. She releases her line on her own schedule and through Omondi’s own brand channels such as their website, Twitter and Tumblr. She’s a visionary that knows how to break the rules and make it work. Now that’s special.

Photo: Tasha Bleu's Instagram.

Photo: Tasha Bleu's Instagram.

Tasha Bleu

Tasha Bleu is a successful international photographer in the fashion industry. She has worked with major streetwear brands and celebrities such as Swizz Beats, Rick Ross and Pharell.

Tasha has the uncanny ability to capture unique details in her photos and what makes her special is the tremendous amount of success she has been able to create in a male-dominated men’s fashion industry as a photographer.

Credit: Danielle Finney

Credit: Danielle Finney

Andrea Pippin

She’s an illustrator, author, blogger, teacher and probably one of my favorite design icons. Andrea rose to popularity because of her distinct style of illustration and the increasingly popular blog, Fly Girl. One of her most popular projects by far began as a personal campaign on black hair and encouraging Black women to love their natural hair. The project later became a children’s book titled “I Love My Hair,” published by Random House. Andrea is special because she is another Black woman who has constantly worked on projects that inspire and motivate other Black Women.

Want more? We do too. Compiling this list of women has been fun and inspirational. So much that we decided to make this into a mini-series. So check back next month for our next 5 Creative Black Women That Inspire.