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Four Fictional African Women Who Lead and Inspire

Latoya Burris

Source: Osborne Macharia & Kevo Abbra

Source: Osborne Macharia & Kevo Abbra

Because it’s Women’s History Month, we are focusing on all great things featuring Black women.

Which brings us to Osborne Macharia and Kevo Abbra, two artists who created a highly impactful visual story about four fictional women living within the Kipipiri Forest as the wives of Mau Mau generals. Why is this story special? Like Chicago’s hair braiding queen, Shani Crowe - the fine artist who shares the art of the tradition of African hair braiding - these artists show the power these four women possess, a power which is defined by their hair. The story champions African tradition, emphasizing that for people of African descent, hair isn’t just for a style but also to represent a form of symbolism.

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