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This is How Two Black Guys Created Their Own  Story and Held Onto Their Marbles.


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This is How Two Black Guys Created Their Own Story and Held Onto Their Marbles.

Latoya Burris

A.K. Lovelace and Shaun Noel are the co-creators of the comic book City of Walls and this their story.

In this episode of Raven Maven, Toya Burris sits down with A.K. Lovelace and Shaun Noel to discuss the adventure of how two Black guys decided to get together to share their own story. In the two-part video, we talk about the genesis of the concept for the City of Walls followed by the how and then the promotion. If you nerd out over Japanese anime, comic books and dream about telling your own stories then this is a must see interview. We hope you enjoy this feature; now press play.

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