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On Screen with Brooklyn’s Finest: Dyann Scarlett


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On Screen with Brooklyn’s Finest: Dyann Scarlett

Latoya Burris

A fashion Savant, tastemaker and living life by the mantra – this too shall pass.

Dyann Scarlett was our very first Raven Maven ever, from Brooklyn, NYC. She is what we call an influencer or social media celebrity today – although she doesn’t think of herself that way. Dyann is humble and embodies all of the characteristics that created and inspired the Raven Maven series. She’s the muse behind Raven Maven that inspired me to find people like her — a standout woman. That’s why I thought it only made sense to bring her larger-than-life personality to screen. Last time we spoke we discussed why she is a tastemaker, style icon and influencer, but now you get to see what has changed.

This time, we chatted about personal growth, charity and spreading positivity to her friends, family and a combined social media following of 12.5K people. She doesn’t consider herself a social media celebrity, but I will say we all care about what Dee says and thinks because it’s genuine. I’m so glad to finally bring this lovely person to our platform. Sharing her story is life changing and inspirational. Now press play.

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Raven Maven is a show that features innovative creative members of the African Diaspora to discuss their successes, failures, and motivations. Are you a Raven Maven or know of one? Get featured here.