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Nicki Minaj Says “Women Have To Be A Beast.”

Latoya Burris


In the My Time Now documentary by MTV, Nicki Minaj talks openly about the inequality women face in business and in life. This is definitely a flashback to her early breakthrough stage in her career. As an all-girl design studio, we have each in some form or another experienced many of the things Nicki discusses.

What resonated the most with us is that women have to:

  • Be A Beast
    In order to get respect you have to “be a beast.” You have to demand respect and get what you deserve or you will be taken for granted.

  • Don’t Settle For Less
    Nicki discusses why she wouldn’t accept a low quality photoshoot. She says, “If I had accepted the pickle juice, I would have been drinking the pickle juice right now.” In short, don’t be afraid to walk away from situations that don’t add value to your career or business.

  • You Don’t Have To Be Everything At Once
    Like Nicki says, we are human beings and not superheroes. It’s okay to be furious, happy, sad or whatever society associates with being “emotional.” Which, in my opinion, is a way to say that as a person you are not allowed to feel because somehow emotions are weak. But in short, we can feel and we can make rational decisions and be the leaders we want to be in this world. The floor is yours - girl or boy.

Watch the full video below