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This Emmy Award Winning Designer Teaches Designers All About Business

Latoya Burris


Welcome To The Futur

I’m obsessed with the founder and CEO of Blind, Inc., and Emmy award winning designer Chris Do. Why am I gushing over this guy? Yes, he is attractive, but he’s married ladies - so keep it professional. But honestly, it is the wonderful work that he is doing with The Futur platform. What is The Futur? In short, it’s an online workshop and continuing education program for designers of all levels. You're either one or the other, a formally trained (or not) creative that sucks at business. Nevertheless, at The Futur and for some pesos you stand the chance to both gain and learn so much from a team of experienced and award-winning creatives.

If you like to chase leads from low paying clients that don’t value your work, then keep doing what you’re doing.
— Chris Do, Blind, Inc.

In part 4 of the video series with Melinda Livsey of Marks & Maker, Chris talks about “How To Charge For A Logo?” At one point in the conversation, Chris Do says, “If you like to chase leads from low paying clients that don’t value your work, then keep doing what you’re doing.” Honestly, out of all of the videos in the series, I liked this one the most. For one, I think as creatives we think we shouldn’t charge too much for a logo, or we struggle with pricing logos and projects overall.

If this sounds like you or if you’re looking for a channel that will keep you on your toes - and you want to work at growing your business and skills - then I encourage you to subscribe to The Futur on YouTube. Chris Do, Ben Burns and Matthew Encina to name a few are experienced creatives that know the ins and outs of the design industry. They talk about so many topics that designers of all levels or entrepreneurs would love to watch. Subscribe to their channel today and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Best always.