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CreativeLive Photoshop Week 2018 is right around the corner!

Latoya Burris

This is a sponsored post by Toya Design Co. on behalf of
CreativeLive for online classes. All opinions belong to us entirely.


Whether you just started or think you’re a seasoned pro, there is always more to learn. Walk out with the essential tools and techniques needed to creative professional, quality photos. Learn the Photoshop® and Lightroom® fundamentals, and get 100% confident and pixel perfect. 

Classes don't start until May 14, but you can buy now and get all 42 classes at a 76% Live Conference Discount! This special sale ends soon, so don't hesitate to let your audience know. Can’t take the week off to watch Photoshop Week? Over 29,000 students purchased Photoshop Week 2017, so they could watch the workshops on their schedule and access them as often as they like. 

✦ Classes run May 14 - May 19, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST
✦ 42 groundbreaking workshops with 18 world-class instructors
✦ On-Demand Access sale price is $299, a $1,278 value!