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How to learn new things


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How to learn new things

Rafal Tomal

This post was originally posted in Rafal's Quick Tip email series.
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If you want to stay up-to-date with all new web design trends and technology, you need to learn new things all the time. Maybe you want to learn UX, Sketch, JavaScript, or SASS?

Here’s my advice: start slowly.

Don’t try to spend your entire weekend studying and endeavoring to learn the whole course at once. You may lose all of your motivation and enthusiasm after the first few hours.

  1. Find one reliable and organized source of information like a course or a book.
  2. Reserve 20-30 minutes in the morning and learn one new thing every day.
  3. Practice or repeat what you’ve learned during that day in your work.

Set a specific and action-focused goal. Instead of saying "My goal is to learn HTML/CSS in next 3 months," say "My goal is to learn one new thing about HTML/CSS, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 do 9:00am." Then mark it in your calendar and set a reminder.

30 minutes may not seem like much, but you won’t get tired. You’ll feel right about it, and you’ll give yourself space to process what you've learned.

Learn another thing the next day, and then another the next day, and then another… In a couple of weeks, you’ll learn a lot! It’s a more natural way to learn as you’ll be giving your brain more time to process, repeat, and practice what you’ve been learning.