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Great Expectations With Stefon Miller


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Great Expectations With Stefon Miller

Latoya Burris

Once an aspiring music producer and now an artistic men’s designer & photographer, Stefon Miller shares how he founded his own cut and sew clothing line – Communion and his greatest influences.

As I glance over my Instagram discovery, I come to Stefon Miller’s photo and immediately I tap the follow button. He is stylish and a tastemaker with an eye for design and beautiful photography. Not too long after I began following him. I decided to take a jump and invite him to be a guest on the Raven Maven show.

On the day of the shoot I meet him outside the studio and we immediately bond over our love for Audis which we’re both owners. In person, Stefon is petite and soft-spoken and looks just as I expected – dapper. It’s as if he just stepped out of someone’s look book. After a quick exchange of greetings and introductions. We walk and talk the way we New Yorkers do – fast and on the run. It’s another hot day in the summer and we want to escape inside for some cool air condition and jump headfirst into his journey on becoming a men’s fashion designer and photographer of his own men’s apparel brand, Communion. Plus, discuss his experiences at the luxury mattress brand – Hastens. Get to know this good fellow and watch the full episode out now on our YouTube channel.

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