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The Story


BLERDS — a capsule collection for comic book reading nerds who play video games and live on ramen.


In a capsule

Imagine being part of something that resonates with you so deeply that you can’t help but to join the wave. This capsule collection, is our first of many but surely connects with those of you who are young, wavy and nerd. Shop this limited collection.



Fall/Winter 2018


What the critics are saying…

“Remember Revenge of The Nerds? This collection is ten times better than that.”

— Alissa Nevita, For The Kick of It

“This is not another streetwear collection that will come come and go. It’s an evolving concept!

— vince staples, emcee


Meet the designer

Toya is a graphic designer and storyteller who has spent 10 years crafting dreams for other people. Now she is taking her love for branding and fashion to launch her first capsule collection — BLERDS.

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